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Working with Devco

Our People, Our History

What makes Devco… Devco?  Throughout our years in business it has been an ongoing question that has been difficult to answer.  It took us a while, but we figured out why. We are ever evolving to what our Customer’s require, which can make us a difficult company to define, until you are our Customer.

Our Story

Devco Consulting is a complete work site visual solutions provider. We manufacture products and create Safety Initiatives and solutions for our customers. 

That’s a little bit of who we are now, but where did we come from? Well, the answer is simple: Customers like you.

In 1989, Devco’s infancy, we were an ad agency that specialized in Yellow Page advertising and cost optimization. This proved to be highly successful with multiple customers, leading them to ask us to do more. We did. Starting with Graphic Design, expanding into Safety Program Visual Design and then product manufacturing.

An opportunity to work on a Slips, Trips and Falls program named Get a Grip on Safety was offered to us by Suncor. We provided the Visual Branding, manufacturing, and installation for this award winning program. Suncor had seen a large reduction in recordable injuries during the campaign which opened up another opportunity to worked together on their next initiative called “Are You in the Line of Fire?” 

The success of both of these Safety Initiatives created a strong partnership and allowed us to move into full in house manufacturing for on-site signage, decals and other Safety Initiative materials. We are now a fully vertically integrated supplier for our Customers, from Site Planning to Visual Standards, Worksite Branding and Production.

We continue to grow our products and services with our Customers and are excited about the challenges that continue to come!

Award Winning Programs

Devco is proud to have assisted Suncor in the “Are You in the Line of Fire?” and “Get a Grip on Safety” Programs.  In addition to the injuries presented and lives that have been saved, these programs have had international recognition for their contributions to Suncor’s Safety culture and record.

2012 - President's Operational Excellence

Recipient of the Mining Division Award for the “Get a Grip on Safety” program.

2012 - Gold Quill Award

Recipient for the “Get a Grip on Safety” program.

2015 - President's Operational Excellence

Nominee for the Mining Division Award for the “Are You in the Line of Fire?” Safety program.

2015 - Gold Quill Award

Recipient of the Merit Award for the “Get a Grip on Safety” program

Being our Customer


We treat each customer like family.  Kind of a generic thing to say and probably one that you have heard being said before, so why would we say that too?


There is no other way to say it (that we’ve thought of at least).  We care about our Customers, we support our Customers, we do anything in our power to help our Customers succeed.  We have a very small and exclusive list of Customers and do not add to that list lightly.  If you are a Customer of Devco’s we are going to do everything possible to build trust and a long term mutually beneficial relationship.


Our Customers made us.

We know that and will never forget.


I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Devco for many years (in a multitude of roles within a few companies) and hands down they are by far the best business partner I have ever had the opportunity to work with. To say they are a good branding and print company is a huge understatement!

While holding Safety as a primary value they provide innovative and technical solutions that drives all our projects to the next level of professionalism. The quality and speed of the consultations and outputs they provide is astonishing with the most competitive prices I have been able to find. Definitely the leaders of this industry!

Frankie Fuchs
General Manager – Environment, Health and Safety

Over the past 6 years that I have been with Lafarge, any new challenge that I throw at Devco, they have always stepped up and proven themselves. They are very professional, provide a high quality of work and guarantee the product they supply.

Chris Hogemann CSO
Safety Advisor Northern Alberta / WCAN Portable Projects, Lafarge Canada

Always a pleasure to work with! We get excellent results each and every time we have worked together. Their approach to branding with our existing safety initiatives has been a very positive addition to our work site.

Bill Svendsen, CRSP, CSP
Operations Safety Coordinator, North West Redwater Partnership

Devco Consulting Ltd.
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