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The Benefits of Work Celebrations

If there is anything you should know about life here at Devco it’s that we are not just coworkers; we know when to work hard (which is frequently) and when to build up morale. No matter your position – from management and office to designers, printers, builders, and shipping, we all have a place here and we can all come together to share ideas, creativity, memories, and celebrations. Sometimes the best work comes from spending quality time together, it allows us to check in and get to know everyone better – it’s easier to come to work and be productive when you feel confident and comfortable.

It’s important to celebrate jobs well done and what a better way to celebrate than with tasty foods and good company. There were many exciting and fun moments today – of course sharing in a waffle buffet is always a good time, playing games and reminiscing of old video games and arcades, and one of our employees trying his very first waffle. There doesn’t have to be much for us to all get together and plan events – it’s pretty much second nature at our jobs because we all understand the importance of enjoying what you do and who you do it with.

There are many benefits of having work celebrations:

Relaxation and Socialization
Everyone needs time to relax and have their brain’s recharge. Having some downtime will allow you to feel more refreshed and more focused later. It is also important for workers to get together to motivate each other – through the ability to socialize and communicate with other positions and acknowledge the contributions each person brings – spending time together and trusting who you work with leads to feeling more comfortable and closer.

Positive Work Experience
Positive association to the workplace from good experiences and memories will create an overall positive environment – where employees will feel good about what they do and where they work.

Team Building
No matter which type of celebration you are holding, there is always opportunity for team building events. From simple conversation, to games, and team exercises, there are many opportunities for employees to be engaged and to create a strong bond of team work. Businesses will always be stronger and more productive with good employee relations.

The success and enjoyment of our waffle party, or any work celebration is made possible due to the time spent together -from planning to the event itself – there are always great people around to make any day enjoyable and gratifying.

By Hannah Reynn

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