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There are various ways to experience a fall while working or walking around the job site. You can slip on something and lose your balance; you can trip over an object left in a walkway; or you can fall from an elevated position such as a ladder or stairs.

To prevent a possible fall, concentrate on where you are walking — inattention leaves you vulnerable to unsafe conditions.

Make sure you can see where you are walking.  Do not carry loads that you cannot see over.

Keep walking and working areas well lit, especially at night.

Be on the lookout for foreign objects or substances on the floor that could cause you to slip and fall.  Watch for deposits of water, food, grease, oil or debris—even a small amount or object can be enough.

When entering a building from the outdoors, thoroughly clean the soles of your footwear.  Walk-off mats have been placed at each entrance to permit you to remove moisture or debris that may be clinging to your shoes, especially during rainy weather.  Don’t walk too fast or take long strides when stepping from the walk-off mat onto the floor.  The soles of your shoes may still be damp enough to cause you to slip.  Walk with caution and avoid changing direction too sharply.

Be aware of tripping hazards, such as trash, unused materials, electrical cords and any other object left in an aisle or other designated pedestrian traffic path.  If maintenance work necessitates leaving equipment or materials in a walkway, make sure the area has warning signs or is barricaded to alert pedestrians.

If you find equipment or material left in a walkway, report it.  If it is maintenance equipment and supplies, let the proper personnel remove it.  Help keep passageways clear of trash or trip hazards.  If you toss something at a trash container and miss it, or if someone else has left something lying on the floor, by all means, pick it up.

Walk in designated aisle ways.  Taking a short cut through a work area invites an accident.

Hold on to handrails when using stairs.  They are there to protect you should you slip.  Do not skip steps or run up stairs.  If you’re carrying a bulky or heavy load which hampers your ability to climb stairs safely, use the elevator or get help!

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