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Stronger Together.

Just because COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted doesn’t mean we can become complacent and forget about all the good work we are doing to keep our community safe and healthy.

Below are products to protect and remind us of how important it is to stay focused on our health and wellness.

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Floor Decals

Surface Decals



Physical Barriers

Sign Stands

Safe Zone – Posters

Safe Zone – Floor Decals

Safe Zone – Surface Decals

Safe Zone – Signs

Safe Zone – Banners

Safe Zone – Physical Barriers

Safe Zone – Sign Stands

Where to get the facts

As a company dedicated to providing safety programs and initiatives, we realize the need for factual information and precautions. As COVID-19 continues it is important to find reliable sources and fact-check information. Reliable sources and up-to-date information can be found

World Health Organization

Government of Canada

Alberta Health Services

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