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Safety and Informational Programs

Safer and Smarter Work Environments through Awareness

Getting Started?

New to Safety Programs?  Looking for some best practices to blend in with your own?

Begin here: Safety Programs – Getting Started to get a overview on how to run a Safety Program like you see here on this site.  Be sure to check out the Tool and Resources area for Toolbox talks, Forms and other items that will help with the initiative.

Our Programs

Line of Fire Safety

Line of Fire injuries encompass contact with a force that your body cannot endure.  This is a well known industry categorized injuries that typically are grouped into three core areas: Striking HazardsCrushing Hazards, and Stored Energy.   In addition to this, we have a special activity for Hand Safety as well as a complete standalone program for Dropped Objects called Stop the Drop.

Musculoskeletal Injury

A “musculoskeletal injury” is an injury that involves the muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, joints and other soft tissues causing a worker to feel pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness while performing a task.

The Musculoskeletal Injury Safety Program has been broken down in five separate activities: Force, Work Posture, Repetition & Duration, Contact Stress, and Vibration & Temperature.

Stop The Drop

Dropped Objects are a significant problem on many job sites that have work above ground level.  Tools, parts, and waste when dropped from a seemingly small height can turn deadly very quickly.  Companies that experience periodic or temporary work from heights can have an even higher rate of incidents as workers are not used to the dangers that can happen with Dropped Objects.

The Stop the Drop program was developed originally as an extension to the Line of Fire Safety Program and eventually became a standalone product with the demand that followed.

Let’s Talk Safety

Most companies that implement Safety Programs implement multiple over time.  As the months and years pass, without periodic revitalization, workers become complacent with the message and incidents can start to rise.  Let’s Talk Safety is a method to bring those messages back to the job site by encouraging communications and sharing at all levels.

Coming Soon

We never stop adding to and innovating programs for Safety.  We have several initiatives in progress, please check in on progress as these develop.  Have an idea for a Safety or Informational Program that we could help you with?  Please Contact Us!

H2S Awareness

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a colourless and poisonous flammable gas with a strong smell of rotten eggs. Relying solely on its odour for detection is not a good idea as concentrations above 100 ppm will deadens a person’s sense of smell within a few minutes.

Tool Hazard Assessments

Bring safety knowledge right down to where the work happens.  Workers who are unfamiliar or complacent with power tools are at an increased risk of injury vs those who are properly trained and aware of what risk happens with what tool.  The Tool Hazard Assessment program is a series of signs with information on them specific to the tool as it pertains to safety and is placed right at or on the tool so that the worker is aware what could happen with improper usage or improper PPE.

Slips, Trips and Falls

This Safety Awareness Program has been developed based on prevention of slips, trips and falls. Understanding that slips, trips and falls can occur anywhere, not just on a work site, is the key theme that occurs throughout the program. Multiple unique activities are implemented to provide specific education on the areas where most injuries occur due to slips, trips and falls, such as Transition Zones, Access & Egress, Boots & Grips, Keeping your focus on your Path, and more!


Driving affects everyone as transportation of people, goods, and even the daily commute offer some of the highest risks of personal injury that each of us will experience on a daily basis.  

Most of the information out there on driving has become “white noise” as we have become more and more complacent, thinking that we know the right way to drive and how to avoid problems.  Rethink the risk and its impacts.

Our Partnerships

Energy Safety Canada and Devco Consulting

Energy Safety Canada is a not-for-profit organization launched in October 2017 from the merger of Enform Canada and the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA).

Together, we provide the most complete set of safety programs, services, information and products available today for Canada’s Energy Industry.

An Industry Accepted Standard set of Life Saving Rules from Energy Safety Canada to promote safe behaviour at the work site.

The award winning Safety Awareness Program aimed at reducing Slips, Trips and Falls incidents.

You are in the “Line of Fire” when you are at risk of coming into contact with a force your body cannot endure.

Award Winning Programs

The Get a Grip on Safety and Are You in the “Line of Fire?” Safety Awareness Programs have won multiple awards including the prestigious international Gold Quill (IABC Gold Quill Awards) award. These programs have worked for numerous companies that have experienced reduction in injuries of 40% or more and can work for you.

2012 - President's Operational Excellence

Recipient of the Mining Division Award for the “Get a Grip on Safety” program.

2012 - Gold Quill Award

Recipient for the “Get a Grip on Safety” program.

2015 - President's Operational Excellence

Nominee for the Mining Division Award for the “Are You in the Line of Fire?” Safety program.

2015 - Gold Quill Award

Recipient of the Merit Award for the “Get a Grip on Safety” program

Need Something Else?

Devco started developing Safety Programs based on the needs of our Customers before adding our own ideas and processes. This means that we have in depth knowledge of Safety at a work site as well have deep experience in taking a Customer’s idea for Safety and bringing it to life.  Do you have an idea for a Safety Program or need help with one you are working on?  We would love to help or even partner on getting it done.  Contact Us with your thoughts!

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