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What is a Safety Moment?

A Safety Moment is a brief (2-5min) safety talk about a specific topic. These Safety Moments are consistent reminder of the daily hazards we face in our day to day lives. 

You’re Safety Moments:

  • Will be conducted at the beginning of every meeting and can be held with a single worker at any point during the shift.
  • Will be most impactful if they come from personal experience. Show the audience that this story has had an impact on you.
  • Will consist of the cause, effect, solution and the lessons learned.
  • Ask the audience questions. (Eg. Has anyone done this before? How did they come to a solution? What did you learn from it?)

After the Safety Moment:

  • If concerns are raised during the safety moment, have them added to the meeting minutes.
  • Document any ideas for brought forward for future Safety Moments.
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