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What is Safety Branding?

And why is it important?

It’s a common story in workplace safety.  A newly introduced Safety Program or Safety Awareness Campaign can be expertly crafted with excellent information but ultimately have less than desirable results when implemented.

How a program is presented is as important as how it is constructed.  Let us help you make your Safety Initiatives the most successful they can be.

Enhancing Safety Culture

Safety without Borders

Over the years of working on Safety Programs, we’ve learned a lot from industry and our customers.  Most of the time, our Customers will have spent a significant amount of time and money putting various safety programs and personnel in place.  We are not looking to replace things that are working on our Customer’s job sites. We create our programs, designs and site plans that enhance what is already in place.

Give an existing program a “face”, create an implementation strategy and site plan to get maximum effectiveness and employee buy-in, train area champions and team leads to carry a specific theme and message to the workers.  We can do part of your programs, all of them, train or even just design.  We know how Safety Programs work and how to make a unique customer the most successful they can be.

Our Safety Record

In the over 15 years of Devco’s existence we have not recorded a single Lost Time Injury.  This includes all work in our manufacturing facility and all on site labour at our customer locations.

At Lafarge we take Safety very seriously and we can say that in the Lafarge Northern Alberta group we have seen a big decrease in Line of Fire incidents since we rolled out Devco’s Safety Awareness Program.

Chris Hogemann CSO

Safety Advisor Northern Alberta/WCAN Portable Projects, Lafarge Canada


Reduction in Lost Time Injuries

Methodology and Results

Safety in numbers

Devco has built a proven methodology for the implementation of a Safety Program.  Why is this important?

Safety Professionals are always looking for ways to improve their Company’s Safety record as everyone’s ultimate goal is to have everyone go home each and every night.  Not every supplier have proven and repeatable statistics that prove their approach works.  Devco does, and has statistics from multiple companies that can prove that our approach works.

Not only are the reductions statistically significant, the return on investment is greater as well.  Our customers report that a Lost Time Injury can total to well over $110,000 once you start adding up lost productivity, multiple employees involvement during the investigation, training replacement workers,  paying wages that do not make the company money, etc.  This doesn’t even include the potential for lawsuits or WCB increases.  Not many investments can protect a company and provide a 3-10x ROI.

What Can We Do For You?

Enhancing Safety

Safety is a large topic and has an even larger amount of elements that need to work together to be effective.  Devco specializes in Safety Awareness Programs and Services and can help any organization, no matter the size or scope, to have a safer job environment.

Safety Programs

Complete Safety Programs Configured for your specific needs. Some examples: Line of Fire, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Slips Trips and Falls, Situational Awareness, Life Saving Rules. Also, we can create programs from scratch or blend programs together for a cohesive safety experience.

Go to our Safety Programs page to see our programs that are ready to go in your organization.

Safety Program Visual Design

We’ll take your existing information and give it a look that commands attention and creates retention.

Site Implementation Planning, Installation, and Training

The best designed and developed Safety Awareness Programs are useless if workers cannot engage. Installation locations, materials for construction, timing for information to be released, teaching managers, leads and workers how to communicate the language.  These items are all key to the success of any Safety Awareness Program.

Monitoring and Review

Was your Safety Awareness Campaign successful?  Are there changes that need / should happen for the next campaign?  Gathering statistics and comparison to baselines and engaging on site staff for real world data lets you know the level of success for the campaign. This is a time consuming process that Devco can teach or perform on behalf of a customer.

Award Winning Programs

Devco is proud to have assisted Suncor in the “Are You in the Line of Fire?” and “Get a Grip on Safety” Programs.  In addition to the injuries presented and lives that have been saved, these programs have had international recognition for their contributions to Suncor’s Safety culture and record.

2012 - President's Operational Excellence

Recipient of the Mining Division Award for the “Get a Grip on Safety” program.

2012 - Gold Quill Award

Recipient for the “Get a Grip on Safety” program.

2015 - President's Operational Excellence

Nominee for the Mining Division Award for the “Are You in the Line of Fire?” Safety program.

2015 - Gold Quill Award

Recipient of the Merit Award for the “Get a Grip on Safety” program
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