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Saddle Bracket with Telspar Post Stub


  • Size: 12″ telspar post, 12″ x 6″ steel plate. Normally paired with 5′ telspar posts for mounting signs (SUN-SP10009).
  • Saddle bracket posts are utilized in situations for mounting signs onto concrete jersey barriers (DEV-4030).
  • 12″ telspar post is welded to 1/4″ steel plate with holes for mounting to jersey barrier.
  • The saddle bracket can be attached to the concrete barrier and the sign can be mounted to the upright.
  • Made out of galvanized  which supports 1.75″ to 2″ square posts.

Note: There is a minimum order of 5 units. If you require a quantity below the minimum of 5 units, please email us and we can try to accommodate your request. 

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