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Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon – 9000 Series


DEV-EL-AB-9200: Single-sided

DEV-EL-AB-9400: Double-sided

The Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) crosswalk system is the new standard for mid-block crosswalks. The RRFB crosswalk system is completely autonomous. Each unit is solar powered and does not require external power. The units within an RRFB crosswalk system communicate with spread spectrum radio. What this means is there is no trenching or digging up the road. No hook-up to the electrical grid and no power bills. Installation can be conducted without road closures and often only requires 1-3 people.

Most two lane roads only require a pair of back-to-back RRFBs. Larger, 4 lane roads can benefit from a third median back-to-back RRFB. One-way roads can make use of single-sided RRFBs. Additional single-sided RRFBs can also be installed in advance of the crossing when visibility is obscured or traffic speeds are high.

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