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OL4 Solar Hazard Marker Berm Light


Size: 6.93″ x 6.65″

The OL4 is a light-weight, high-performance hazard marker with superior solar energy management. Designed for tough industrial locations such as mines and constructions zones, the OL4 is ideal for marking ground-hazards, fences, barricades and other construction hazards on site. Reduces brightness in response to unusually low amounts of sunlight for continued function. Optional infrared programmer available. Operating Temperature -45° to 124° F (-43° to 51° C).

Available in: Red, Green, White, Yellow, and Blue

  • Self-contained in a durable, rugged enclosure
  • No specialized work crews required: simple to install and relocate
  • User-friendly design: on-board interface offers easy configuration and programming
  • Low maintenance: replaceable battery pack with life expectancy of 5 years
  • Tested at the toughest industrial standards
  • Light environmental footprint with natural solar charging, recyclable batteries and RoHS compliant design

For specifications, please click here.

Berm Light common programming codes: 001 (solid) and 064 (flashing). 

To program lights:

  • Press the set button until the words Pass Code appear on the OBUI display.
  • Enter the Passcode 753 to log in to the OL4.
  • After logging in, the word FLSH appears on the display.
  • Press and hold the set button for approximately two seconds until the Flash Code setting appears in the display with the first digit flashing.
  • Use the up and down arrows to change the first digit, and press the set button briefly to advance to the next digit. For a list of commonly-used Flash Codes, refer to Appendix F.
  • Change each of the three digits using the same procedure.
  • When you are finished and the new Flash Code shows on the display, press and hold the set button for approximately one second. The code flashes three times quickly to indicate that the new Flash Code has been set. The OL4 will then demonstrate the new flash code for one minute.
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