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There’s always something happening at Devco.  Here you will find news, interesting projects and other information we like to share.  Please contact us if you want some more information on anything you read here!

Petroleum Safety Conference 2019

We attended the 2019 Petroleum Safety Conference in Banff, AB this spring at both Silver Sponsors (Print) as well as building a custom trade show booth just for the event.  It was a very well put on event from Energy Safety Canada and we really appreciate our partners...

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Energy Safety Canada Partnership

Devco is proud to announce that we are working with Energy Safety Canada to assist them in deploying the award winning Get a Grip on Safety, Life Saving Rules and Are you in the “Line of Fire?” Safety Awareness programs. Please visit us at...

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Thanks to PCL and Tempo Electric for having us along to help with the BBW for PCL.  We had a great time and met a lot of nice folks.  Look forward to doing this again soon!

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Devco Safety

We just launched a new website!  We here at Devco believe that safety knowledge is for everyone and we should all adopt an ongoing safety improvement culture.  Our new website safety.devcogroup.com contains the information we have gained over the years for safety as...

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Safety Moments

What is a Safety Moment? A Safety Moment is a brief (2-5min) safety talk about a specific topic. These Safety Moments are consistent reminder of the daily hazards we face in our day to day lives.  You’re Safety Moments: Will be conducted at the beginning of every...

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Running a Toolbox Talk

What is a tool box talk? Toolbox talks are generally a short meeting (10 to 15 minutes in length) that take place at the beginning of shift. They provide an opportunity for the Supervisors and workers to collaborate on how to safely perform the work planned for the...

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How to Conduct a Weekly Safety Meeting

Why have a Weekly Safety Meeting?Weekly Safety Meetings are a fundamental part of safety awareness and can be one of the best motivators to drive safety in the workplace. Having a Weekly Safety Meeting will continue to encourage employee awareness and involvement by...

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Hazard Hunts

Every day when we venture into the field we should be constantly scanning for hazards and documenting them on our FLRA/FLHA cards. Usually we jot down the same common hazards over and over, day after day because we believe we “know” these typical hazards intimately....

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Line of Fire and Complacency

It doesn’t matter if you are a front line worker, office staff, supervisor, manager or CEO at some point during the day we all put ourselves in the line of fire and we don’t realize it. So why do we put ourselves in the line of fire? Could it be complacency,...

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The Cost of an Incident

When having a workplace injury, the number one concern for any company is the worker themselves.  With that being said, the cold hard truth is that a workplace injury can cost a company more than most people think.  Every year injury costs can add up in a hurry affect...

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Get the Most Out of Your Toolbox Talk or Safety Meeting

Whether it is your first or hundredth Toolbox Talk or Safety Meeting that you conduct, remember to keep our audience awake and engaged. The success to these meetings is the amount of participation we get from our audience…the more the better!. Ensure that in all...

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