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What is ‘Line of Fire’?

When you are at risk of coming into contact with a force your body cannot endure.

Line of fire is broken up into three mechanisms of injury by industry standards: Striking HazardsCrushing Hazards, and Stored Energy.  

Hand Safety is not considered a specific Line of Fire injury, but is so frequently encountered on the job site that we pay special attention to it during all activities in the Line of Fire Safety Program.


Striking Hazard

Hazards that hit you or that you hit again. Striking Hazards are the most frequent type of Line of Fire risk to workers.

Not limited to tools, but is quite often falling objects or wind blown debris.

Stored Energy

Energy Sources are always present.  Every aspect of our daily life requires the use of energy in one form or another.

Stored Energy is “pent up” energy that can be released unexpectedly such as pressure or electrical.

Crushing Hazard

This hazard is defined as being caught in, on, or under an object or between multiple objects.

Many types of these hazards are also referred to as “pinch points”.

Hand Safety

Hand Placement is critical when we are protecting our hands from hazards.

Always be aware of where you are placing your hands on machinery or equipment.

Devco and ‘Line of Fire’

Devco has a successful history of creating, assisting and branding Safety Programs of all types.  The Line of Fire Safety Program was started back in 2013 as a request from one of our mining customers.  They were experiencing a steady rise in Line of Fire incidents on site with an increasing number of new workers to site.  This trend had to stop and we were engaged to work with them to develop the program together.  After implementation in 2013, our customer experienced a year on year drop of 43-47% reduction in Line of Fire incidents for 3 years. To date, an increase in the incident count has not occurred.

Learn more about all the ways we can help you with your Safety initiatives and why we are different.  Please Contact Us for more details!

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