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Put the Message on the Front Lines

Let’s Talk Safety is about giving existing safety messages new life and getting the conversation going at the front lines.  While training, tool box talks, and materials are important to preparing a worker to be safe, if the message is always the same and presented in the same way, complacency is bound to happen.  Bring your safety issues forward and reinforce your message in a new, unique and eye catching manner.  Engage the worker and start the discussion in a new way.

This program is completely customizable and configurable for your unique environment.  Contact Us today to learn how we can help you!

3D Displays

These are ideal for large areas where employees frequent.  They are eye catching and demand attention to your message in a way that posters and banners cannot do.

Slips, Trips and Falls

This 20×10′ display was implemented onsite spring of 2019 as the weather just started to warm up.  This customer had previously implemented the Get a Grip on Safety campaign in 2009 and after experiencing excellent results for several years has noticed increased complacency, near misses and injuries and wanted to revitalize the discussion.

Dropped Objects

Dropped Objects are a safety issue at any site where there is any work from height.  This display was built for inside of a heavy equipment maintenance shop where workers bypass by it every day.  Tools and parts can become deadly at seemingly small distances and after a couple of near misses, action was required.

Safety Popup Pillars

Large displays are great but are not always convenient for many work areas.  Safety Popups are a small footprint item that can be placed right in a shop and is easily moved and rotated show that the message can look new in the area quite easily without losing the message.  Time for a brand new message?  Put on a new panel!

Choosing the right glove for the right task is a frequently overlooked PPE requirement that leads to lacerations, burns or worse.

Small objects falling from heights even as small as 8 ft can cause serious injuries for works below, even if they are wearing the proper PPE.

It’s human nature to take shortcuts in situations to get the task done.  Hands are frequently in the line of fire yet we frequently ignore the risks involved.

Work sites frequently have different surfaces that need to be walked on.  Mud, gravel, melted snow, tools lying around, etc are all identifiable and frequently controllable hazards.

Hanging Signs

Simple lightweight messages meant to hang from the ceiling or a beam.  These are easily resized and updated for any specific message you may have.  Push that message by branding it throughout the worksite!

Door Magnets

Entry doors are great areas to put in a simple reminder message as workers use them constantly and there is almost always a change in condition when you go from outside to in or vice versa.  Slippery surfaces, work in progress, PPE requirements, etc.

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