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Every day when we venture into the field we should be constantly scanning for hazards and documenting them on our FLRA/FLHA cards. Usually we jot down the same common hazards over and over, day after day because we believe we “know” these typical hazards intimately. By doing this, we tend to overlook or “under-see” important line of fire hazards present when we are working the same job or task that we have many times before. Why do some of us tend to miss a few of the line of fire hazards? Is it because we’ve become complacent – too good at our jobs to look a little more closely and identify those hazards we didn’t know we didn’t know? Are some of us that confident we’re not going to get hurt?

What is the value of a Hazard Hunt?

Performing group Hazard Hunts on our mobile equipment encourages the workers to identify and discuss the line of fire hazards. Because everyone identifies with different hazard sets, the group activity ensures that some of the hazards identified will be previously unknown to some.

How to complete a Hazard Hunt:

In groups of 3 or 4, workers go out to a piece of equipment – identify and discuss crushing hazards, striking hazards, stored energy hazards, or any other other potential line of fire hazard. The identified hazards are documented on a Hazard Hunt form by the workers and handed in to a supervisor upon completion.

Use one of our forms to assist with the task!

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