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Happy Holidays from Devco


This year has put a lot on everyone, we have all taken our share of challenges and pressure, more than most of us ever expected. Through everything, we close 2020 in our holiday season. Take this time to allow yourself a break and remember what is important to you, remember the reason for celebration and connection. We wish you all happy holidays and thank you to all of our vendors and customers who have stayed with us over the years. We look forward to working with you all again in the new year.

Have a safe and fun holiday season

Celebrations have looked different through the whole year, and this month is no exception. The importance of community and holidays are clear – they create belonging and security, connections that are important for all of us to have. Even with everything that has been happening this year, we still need these times for social and emotional health, and there are safe ways to do it.

Many families and friends have opted for virtual (video) parties this year. Getting to seeing your loved ones, even if not in person, is a great way to connect. Video calls can include playing games, opening presents, or even having a meal together. If access to the internet is an issue, phone calls or written letters or cards are other possibilities to reach out and show your care. If you participate in gift giving, there are options for getting couriers to deliver your gifts or doing a physically distanced drop off yourself. The holidays are going to be different this year, but these are temporary changes. When we all do our part to stay safe and protect ourselves and others, we are working towards a safer future. No matter what or how you celebrate, remember to enjoy this time and the importance of the people in your life.

Written By: Hannah Reynn

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