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Whether it is your first or hundredth Toolbox Talk or Safety Meeting that you conduct, remember to keep our audience awake and engaged. The success to these meetings is the amount of participation we get from our audience…the more the better!.

Ensure that in all meetings to please leave your title at the door. You might be a Manager, Supervisor, Safety Adviser or a worker who is conducting the meeting, but that doesn’t matter as everyone is equal as our goal is ultimately the same: “Going home the same way we came to work”.

Start all meetings with a Safety Moment! This great for engagement and will encourage them to share in a Safety Moment. This may take a few times, but if you are consistent you will see everyone will want to share. It is human nature not to speak out initially…. take the lead and show them that you care and they will kick in. It can be a personal or work related experience and should be as simple and take no longer than a minute or two.

Many people conduct Toolbox Talks and Safety Meetings on a daily basis and 9 out of 10 of these people conducting the meetings do not get the most out of their meetings because:

  • They might be new to conducting meetings.
  • They might have many years of experience conducting meetings but they have never been taught how to do it properly.
  • They may be the wrong person conducting the meetings as they don’t really want to do them and have been just thrown into it or they just don’t care.

Here are some tips to get the most out of a Toolbox Talk and Safety Meeting:

  2. Prepare for the meeting by reviewing the Toolbox Talk or Safety Meeting prior to the meeting.
  3. Arrive early to ensure the room and material is ready.
  4. Turn all cell phones on silent and put them away.
  5. Keep the meetings positive and informative.
  6. Ask questions when conducting your meetings.  Engage your audience.
  7. Change the tone of your voice when conducting meetings.
  8. Ask your audience if they have any concerns or comments they want to bring forward.
  9. Have someone else speak at the meetings.  It is good to prepare them prior to the meeting starting.
  10. Listen to what everyone has to say and don’t interrupt them.

By following these SIMPLE ten points on “How to get the most out of a Toolbox Talk and Safety Meeting” this will help you be successful and when everyone sees you are consistent and that you care, EVERYONE will follow your lead and will enjoy this time with you.

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