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For the last couple of years, smart wearable technology has developed and grown at an exceptional rate. The popularity of this technology is constantly increasing. Businesses are now starting to search for ways in which they can take the benefits of this smart technology so that they can decrease the number of injuries and enhance productivity and health of employees in the workplace.

Technology has changed at a fast pace. Unless you work at Microsoft or Google, we are willing to bet your company’s tech could use an update. This is especially true when it comes to security or safety, which is often looked upon as a lower priority versus productivity. Companies these days are quick to adopt technology that will make them more productive as well as help them reach more customers.  Here are a few new safety technologies to evaluate adopting into your workplace.

Light-emitting clothing

Light-emitting clothing helps to reduce the risks of accidents in the workplace due to poor visibility. A great example of this would be safety vests with LEDs can help to make employees more visible on on site when they work during darker hours that we’re all experiencing now. Pricing, even though is more than a traditional vest, is quite reasonable for the additional safety it provides. Here is a low cost option: https://www.ledtronics.com/Products/ProductsDetails.aspx?WP=649

Sensors embedded into clothing

Sensors embedded into clothing or placed in wearable devices like watches and clip ons can detect chemicals, heat, and monitor different gases. These items are starting to become more commonplace as usability is increasing and price decreasing.   Here is a link to a research group from Tufts University that is developing a thread that changes color when it detects dangerous gas. https://now.tufts.edu/news-releases/s-sew-smart-scientists-invent-threads-detect-gases-when-woven-clothing

Fatigue monitors

Most companies place fatigue monitors in employees’ clothing or vehicles to monitor their eye and head movements. The purpose is to determine the tiredness of employees and allowing them to continue working or operating a vehicle or equipment in a safe manner. These monitors are also great for enhanced decision making as well as response times.  Here are some solutions for use in a vehicle: https://www.rearviewsafety.com/safety-solutions/driver-fatigue-systems.html

Location devices

Location devices are very helpful in any busy worksite. Using them, managers can track employees’ location when they are working in difficult conditions far underground. Such devices are easy to be embedded in employee clothing and are likewise very lightweight. Location devices can help managers find or track the exact location of employees, which can make the huge difference between life & death in circumstances when time is of the essence. Companies have been familiar with vehicle GPS tracking systems for decades and the adoption of the technology is quite widespread. Employee tracking is relatively new, check out this solution for an example: https://www.mygeotracking.com/

Smart glasses

Smart glasses or Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses allow employees and management to stay in touch as well as send significant information such as audio and video recordings from the site and allow the headquarters to send their employees maps, schematics, and instructions to help them stay safe at work.  This technology has boundless applications for almost any type of business by enhancing training and proper day by day safe work.  Here is one example: https://iristick.com/

Disclaimer:  Links within this article talk about new technologies that may improve safety in the workplace.  Devco does not endorse the specific technologies above and is only providing an information source for companies interested in investigating.

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