We just launched a new website!  We here at Devco believe that safety knowledge is for everyone and we should all adopt an ongoing safety improvement culture.  Our new website safety.devcogroup.com contains the information we have gained over the years for safety as well as provided specific products to assist with your safety campaign.

The first campaign we have added is Line of Fire Safety, which focuses on the most common types of injuries in the workplace: Line of Fire.  What is Line of Fire?  When you are at risk of coming into contact with a force your body cannot endure.  Line of fire is broken up into three mechanisms of injury by industry standards: Striking Hazards, Crushing Hazards, and Stored Energy.  We also have a special section for Hand Safety.  Even though it is not considered a specific Line of Fire injury, it happens so frequently on the job site that we pay special attention to it during all activities in the Line of Fire Safety Program.

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